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agrarKIDS 12/2019 Funktionsweise einer Biogasanlage Download
Biogas Journal 05/2019 Schrägrinnentest prüft Enzymwirkung Download
Bioenergy Insight 05/2019 The most effective enzyme preparation to improve flowability? Download
Bioenergy Insight 10/2018 Controversial enzymes Download
JOULE 05/2017 Der Schlüssel für die Wirtschaftlichkeit Download
Energie aus Pflanzen 04/2017 Enzyme der 2. Generation Download
topagrar Energiemagazin 02/2017 Neue Enzyme knacken auch Mist Download
JOULE 02/2017 Präparate der neuen Generation Download
Feedstuffs 01/2016 Debranching enzymes enhance corn/soybean meal diets Download
Biotechnology for Biofuels 2015 An integrated approach for efficient biomethane production from solid bio-wastes in a compact system Download
Journal of Sustainable Energy & Environment 04/2013 Improving the Efficiency of Large-Scale Biogas Processes: Pectinolytic Enzymes Accelerate the Lignocellulose Degradation Download
Journal of Biotechnology 2010 Determination of the rheologic behavior of fermentation broth in biogas plants Download