Biogassystem der Biopract GmbH

Our biotechnology and analysis laboratories have all the necessary technical installations. We work in miniaturized batch biogas systems with a working volume of less than 20 ml and are thus able to carry out extensive screening tests.

For process development, we have state-of-the-art instrumented fermenter systems with up to 20 liters working volume for the work with classical and recombinant bacteria and fungi.

We also have the necessary equipment and many years of experience for the treatment of biomass with the aim of achieving optimum extraction results.

A distinguishing feature is the possibility of providing broadly based screening examinations and application services using the methods developed in our laboratory - the miniaturized multi-chamber viscosity analysis device and the practice-oriented inclined channel test.

With the help of our analytical equipment, well-founded expert knowledge and a wealth of scientific expertise, we reliably determine the activity of cellulases, xylanases, glucanases, phytases, proteases as well as amylases and muramidases in commercial products, premixes and animal feeds. Analytical determination of target substrates is a complementary research activity in our laboratory.

Using in vitro test systems for the simulation of microbial processes in ruminant stomachs, we analyze gas formation and composition, the degradation of feed components and the formation of metabolites. This enables us to carry out comprehensive screening programs and in-depth kinetic investigations for the development of new additives in ruminant feeding.

We have the analytical equipment to record all the necessary parameters: Gas quantities, gas analysis (H2, CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, N2), ingredients (fatty acids, COD, DM, oDM, mono- and oligo sugars, alcohols, fibers, etc.).


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