25 years of expertise in the development and application of enzymes in agriculture

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Our roots

The roots of our company go back to the 1980s and start at the Institute for Biotechnology of the GDR Academy of Sciences. Even then, the development of technical enzymes and their industrial application in various fields was the focus of the work of the chemist Manfred Ringpfeil and biotechnologist Matthias Gerhardt. They founded Biopract GmbH in 1992. Biopract GmbH quickly developed into a recognized competence center in the field of "white" biotechnology.

In 2012, after three years as an affiliate of the Dutch DSM Group, Matthias Gerhardt and the agronomist Joachim Pheiffer acquired the company in form of an MBO. The main business areas of enzyme analysis and biogas process optimization were consistently extended.


Since 2001, the company has been intensively involved in the development of enzymes to increase the performance of biogas processes and has been a pioneer in this field ever since. As a result of intensive research and permanent optimization in cooperation with research institutes and plant operators, several specific product series were developed that offer effective solutions to problems and make the operation of biogas plants significantly more economical and efficient.

With Biopract ABT GmbH, founded in 2017, the new products were launched on the market. As application-oriented specialists, the two companies have a unique position in this market segment. Further information on products, applications and contact persons can be found on the website of Biopract ABT GmbH.

Animal nutrition

Another focus of Biopract GmbH is the search for new feed additives, which aim to improve feed conversion, especially for ruminant farm animals. In cooperation with the Institute for Animal Physiology at Free University of Berlin, we conduct extensive screenings for new active ingredients in simulated rumen environments. Thereby we use synergy potentials, which result from our expertise in the field of biogas and these specific anaerobic fermentation processes.

Enzyme analytics

Since 1996, we have been carrying out the worldwide customer service analysis for all feed enzymes as well as enzymes in the field of human nutrition of DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. with a steadily increasing scope. Today, we analyze more than 15,000 individual samples of DSM customers and research partners annually in our laboratories with the help of more than 30 different methods. In addition, our analytical services support product development at DSM.

The partnership with the Analytical Research Center of DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., which has grown over many years, has now led to a long-term, exclusive relationship. The knowledge acquired in development and implementation of biotechnological and analytical methods is available for applications outside the field of feed enzymes. We are always interested in optimizing our methods and are therefore open for professional dialogue and scientific cooperation with institutes and technology developers.

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