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We are the pioneers in the development and application of enzymes for performance improvement of biogas processes. The main enzyme products in today's biogas market can be traced back to the work carried out in our biogas laboratory. The MethaPlus® and Axiase® products offered by DSM Biogas are just two examples. Several studies by independent institutions prove the efficiency of our newly developed 2nd generation biogas enzymes in accelerating substrate digestion, preventing or dissolving floating cover formation, improving agitation and reducing total operating costs. Therefore, it was only natural to build on this by offering the market our own product series. Since 2017, our company Biopract ABT GmbH is distributing these new products. Our satisfied customers now include operators of biogas plants throughout Germany and other European markets. Reports on the performance of our products can be found in trade press.

The UltraPract®, ViscoPract®, MethaPract® and UltraSweep® product lines are formulated and packaged at our new production site, which started operations in 2019. The manufacturing process is subject to strict quality control. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified in all areas.

Irrespective of the achievements to date, we are still searching for new enzymes and active substances, which, alone or in combination, cause synergistic effects in the biogas process and help to extend the available substrate spectrum to previously unused sources (e.g. alternative energy crops, wastes from landscape gardening). We combine our extensive experience from development, production and analysis of various enzymes with our expertise in conducting application studies for the complex questions resulting from biogas production. Today, we possess a knowledge base that gives us a unique position with regard to the application of enzymes in anaerobic fermentation processes.

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