Research & Development

For our employees, research & development has always been a matter of course for our company. We are application-oriented researchers and therefore always endeavor to implement the results in practice.

In recent years, we have been intensively involved with the projects presented below. Some of them are involved in contract research projects; others are the result of our own strategic considerations.

Enzyme screening / active substance screening:

We carry out contract work for the development of the enzyme preparations Ronozyme RumiStar® and Ronozyme HiStarch® and a novel additive to reduce methane emissions from ruminants from DSM. We further identify enzymes for novel technical applications alone or in cooperation with external partners.


 Bioprozesstechnik für den Biogasprozess

Bioprocess technology for the biogas process:

We place high value on contributing our biotechnological expertise to the biogas industry. This prompted us at an early stage to deal with bioprocess engineering issues. The main product of anaerobic digestion is not biogas, but the formation of microbial biomass. Since the generation of energy from the utilization of substrates in anaerobic processes is linked to the mass production of energy-rich compounds such as methane or ethanol, we can use these processes to produce energy sources from predominantly vegetable biomass. However, at least 10 % of the energy is used for the formation of microbial biomass. This is found in the fermentation residues next to the fiber residues and in anaerobic non-degradable compounds (lignin). The thermal enzymatic digestion process THE, which was developed in-house, is designed to extract the energy-rich biomass and transport it back into the biogas process for further biogas formation.

Technical application of enzymes in sewage treatment:

Sewage digestion in wastewater treatment plants is related to the biogas process. This offers an additional opportunity for the application of our biotechnological expertise.


Grünes Blatt

Additional application fields for enzymes:

Synergies to our research content can be found in industrial processes. In this context, we are working on tasks relating to the use of enzymes in viscose production processes (Lyocell), the protection of fish eggs and fry in aquaculture from parasitic fungi such as Saprolegnia and plant protection.

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