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Our Company

White Biotechnology has been the main field of interest since the beginning of our scientific work in 1986. The development of industrial enzymes from lab scale to large scale production and subsequent application of research for the Textile, Food and Animal Feed industries as well as solutions for the decontamination of polluted soil motivated Biopract GmbH to connect with a diverse network of scientific and technical competences.

Today we focus our attention to industrial applications and services with special emphasis on the optimized utilization of biomasses in animal nutrition and for the generation of bioenergy.

• Development of biogas processes
• Tailored enzyme products for the biogas process
• Analysis and recovery of feed enzymes
• Analysis of substrates in plant based biomasses
• Research and Development for new additives for animal nutrition

We take pleasure inviting you to discuss and develop new ideas and strategies with us, so we can jointly achieve progress in this important fields.